Folklore Tapes Prints

Hand screen-printed artwork from the imprint by label head David Chatton Barker. Signed and hand-numbered with the Folklore Tapes stamp on the back.

Folklore Tapes is an ongoing project by which the hidden traditions, stories and phenomena of the British Isles are creatively re-imagined by contemporary artists. Folklore Tapes releases may take the form of a soundtrack, film or installation, but remain centred upon a particular theme and location. The project is co-run by David Chatton Barker, who has hand screen-printed some of the finest artwork of some of the label’s releases. As with anything the label does, these prints have been crafted with the utmost care and skill into fine works of art.

Silk screen-printed on A3 300gsm paper A3 (420x297mm).
Shipping 22nd of April.

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